July 13th Birthdays

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July 13th, 2040 (July 13 2040)BirthGnaeus Julius Agricola, Roman Governor of Britain (died in 93 AD)
July 13th, 1994 (July 13 1994)BirthRidge Canipe, American actor
July 13th, 1992 (July 13 1992)BirthDylan Patton, American actor
July 13th, 1992 (July 13 1992)BirthElise Matthysen, Belgian swimmer
July 13th, 1990 (July 13 1990)BirthMatt Weinberg, American actor
July 13th, 1989 (July 13 1989)BirthSayumi Michishige, Japanese singer (Morning Musume)
July 13th, 1985 (July 13 1985)BirthGuillermo Ochoa, Mexican footballer
July 13th, 1983 (July 13 1983)BirthLiu Xiang, Chinese hurdling athlete
July 13th, 1983 (July 13 1983)BirthKristof Beyens, Belgian athlete
July 13th, 1982 (July 13 1982)BirthChristopher Bauman, American professional wrestler (died in 2005)
July 13th, 1982 (July 13 1982)BirthJoost van den Broek, Dutch keyboard player (After Forever)
July 13th, 1982 (July 13 1982)BirthShin-Soo Choo, South Korean baseball player
July 13th, 1982 (July 13 1982)BirthSimon Clist, English footballer
July 13th, 1982 (July 13 1982)BirthYadier Molina, Puerto Rican baseball player
July 13th, 1979 (July 13 1979)BirthCraig Bellamy, Welsh footballer
July 13th, 1977 (July 13 1977)BirthAshley Scott, American actress
July 13th, 1976 (July 13 1976)BirthAl Santos, American model and actor
July 13th, 1976 (July 13 1976)BirthSheldon Souray, Canadian ice hockey player
July 13th, 1975 (July 13 1975)BirthDanni Boatwright, American model, sports caster, and Survivor contestant
July 13th, 1974 (July 13 1974)BirthDeborah Cox, Canadian R&B singer
July 13th, 1974 (July 13 1974)BirthJarno Trulli, Italian race car driver
July 13th, 1973 (July 13 1973)BirthAriel Silvio Zarate, Argentine footballer
July 13th, 1972 (July 13 1972)BirthSean Waltman, American wrestler
July 13th, 1970 (July 13 1970)BirthBarry Pinches, English snooker player
July 13th, 1969 (July 13 1969)BirthMark Greenway, British vocalist
July 13th, 1969 (July 13 1969)BirthKakhi Kakhiashvili, Georgian-born Greek weightlifter
July 13th, 1969 (July 13 1969)BirthOleg Serebrian, Moldovan politician and political scientist
July 13th, 1968 (July 13 1968)BirthRobert Gant, American actor
July 13th, 1968 (July 13 1968)BirthChristian Taylor, British screenwriter
July 13th, 1967 (July 13 1967)BirthBenny Benassi, Italian disc jockey
July 13th, 1967 (July 13 1967)BirthDean Barnett, American Conservative blogger
July 13th, 1966 (July 13 1966)BirthGerald Levert, American singer (died in 2006)
July 13th, 1963 (July 13 1963)BirthNeal Foulds, English snooker player
July 13th, 1963 (July 13 1963)BirthSpud Webb, American basketball player
July 13th, 1962 (July 13 1962)BirthTom Kenny, American voice actor
July 13th, 1962 (July 13 1962)BirthRhonda Vincent, American singer
July 13th, 1961 (July 13 1961)BirthStelios Manolas, Greek footballer and manager
July 13th, 1961 (July 13 1961)BirthTim Watson, Australian rules footballer
July 13th, 1960 (July 13 1960)BirthIan Hislop, English writer, editor of Private Eye
July 13th, 1959 (July 13 1959)BirthRichard Leman, English field hockey player
July 13th, 1957 (July 13 1957)BirthThierry Boutsen, Belgian racing driver
July 13th, 1957 (July 13 1957)BirthCameron Crowe, American film director
July 13th, 1957 (July 13 1957)BirthPhil Margera, father of Bam Margera
July 13th, 1956 (July 13 1956)BirthClaude Giroux, Canadian midget wrestler
July 13th, 1956 (July 13 1956)BirthMichael Spinks, American former boxer
July 13th, 1954 (July 13 1954)BirthSezen Aksu, Turkish singer
July 13th, 1954 (July 13 1954)BirthRick Chartraw, American ice hockey player
July 13th, 1954 (July 13 1954)BirthLouise Mandrell, American musician
July 13th, 1954 (July 13 1954)BirthDavid Thompson, American basketball player
July 13th, 1953 (July 13 1953)BirthMila Mulroney, wife of former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney
July 13th, 1951 (July 13 1951)BirthRob Bishop, American politician
July 13th, 1951 (July 13 1951)BirthDidi Conn, American actress
July 13th, 1950 (July 13 1950)BirthGeorge "Pinky" Nelson, American astronaut
July 13th, 1950 (July 13 1950)BirthMa Ying-jeou, President of the Republic of China, former mayor of Taipei, former chairman of the Kuomintang (KMT)
July 13th, 1948 (July 13 1948)BirthCatherine Breillat, French director and screenwriter
July 13th, 1948 (July 13 1948)BirthTony Kornheiser, American sports journalistTony Kornheiser Quotes
July 13th, 1948 (July 13 1948)BirthDaphne Maxwell Reid, Actress
July 13th, 1946 (July 13 1946)BirthCheech Marin, American actor
July 13th, 1944 (July 13 1944)BirthErno Rubik, Hungarian inventor
July 13th, 1942 (July 13 1942)BirthHarrison Ford, American actorHarrison Ford Quotes
July 13th, 1942 (July 13 1942)BirthRoger McGuinn, American musician (The Byrds)
July 13th, 1941 (July 13 1941)BirthRobert Forster, American actor
July 13th, 1941 (July 13 1941)BirthJacques Perrin, French actor and filmmaker
July 13th, 1940 (July 13 1940)BirthPatrick Stewart, English actor
July 13th, 1936 (July 13 1936)BirthAlbert Ayler, American musician (died in 1970)
July 13th, 1935 (July 13 1935)BirthJack Kemp, American football player and politician
July 13th, 1934 (July 13 1934)BirthWole Soyinka, Nigerian writer, Nobel laureate
July 13th, 1934 (July 13 1934)BirthAleksei Yeliseyev, Soviet cosmonaut
July 13th, 1933 (July 13 1933)BirthPatsy Byrne, English actress
July 13th, 1932 (July 13 1932)BirthHubert Reeves, Canadian astrophysicist
July 13th, 1931 (July 13 1931)BirthFrank Ramsey, American basketball player
July 13th, 1929 (July 13 1929)BirthSofia Muratova, Soviet gymnast (died in 2006)
July 13th, 1928 (July 13 1928)BirthTommaso Buscetta, Sicilian mafioso and pentito (died in 2000)
July 13th, 1928 (July 13 1928)BirthBob Crane, American actor (died in 1978)
July 13th, 1928 (July 13 1928)BirthLeroy Vinnegar, American jazz bassist
July 13th, 1927 (July 13 1927)BirthSimone Veil, French politician
July 13th, 1924 (July 13 1924)BirthCarlo Bergonzi, Italian singer
July 13th, 1924 (July 13 1924)BirthMichel Constantin, French film actor (died in 2003)
July 13th, 1922 (July 13 1922)BirthKen Mosdell, Canadian ice hockey player (died in 2006)
July 13th, 1922 (July 13 1922)BirthAnker Jorgensen, Danish Prime Minister, Democratic Socialist
July 13th, 1921 (July 13 1921)BirthGit Gay, Swedish actress and singer (died in 2007)
July 13th, 1921 (July 13 1921)BirthErnest Gold, Austrian composer (died in 1999)
July 13th, 1921 (July 13 1921)BirthFriedrich Peter, Austrian poltitician (died in 2005)
July 13th, 1920 (July 13 1920)BirthBill Towers, English footballer (died in 2000)
July 13th, 1918 (July 13 1918)BirthAlberto Ascari, Italian race car driver, and two-time F1 world champion (died in 1955)
July 13th, 1913 (July 13 1913)BirthDave Garroway, American television host (died in 1982)
July 13th, 1913 (July 13 1913)BirthM?rsk Mc-Kinney Moller, Danish shipping magnate
July 13th, 1905 (July 13 1905)BirthAlfredo M. Santos, First Four-star General of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, World War II hero (died in 1990)
July 13th, 1903 (July 13 1903)BirthKenneth Clark, English art historian (died in 1983)Kenneth Clark Quotes
July 13th, 1901 (July 13 1901)BirthEric Portman, English stage and film actor (died in 1969)
July 13th, 1900 (July 13 1900)BirthGeorge Lewis, American musician (died in 1969)
July 13th, 1898 (July 13 1898)BirthJulius Schreck, member of the Nazi party (died in 1936)
July 13th, 1896 (July 13 1896)BirthMordecai Ardon, Israeli painter (died in 1992)
July 13th, 1895 (July 13 1895)BirthSidney Blackmer, American actor (died in 1973)
July 13th, 1894 (July 13 1894)BirthIsaac Babel, Ukrainian writer (died in 1940)
July 13th, 1889 (July 13 1889)BirthLouise of Mountbatten, Queen of Sweden (died in 1965)Louis Mountbatten Quotes
July 13th, 1864 (July 13 1864)BirthJohn Jacob Astor IV, American entrepreneur (died in 1912)
July 13th, 1859 (July 13 1859)BirthSidney Webb, British socialist (died in 1947)
July 13th, 1858 (July 13 1858)BirthStewart Culin, American ethnographer (died in 1929)
July 13th, 1841 (July 13 1841)BirthOtto Wagner, Austrian architect (died in 1918)
July 13th, 1821 (July 13 1821)BirthNathan Bedford Forrest, American Confederate cavalry officer, and founder of the original Ku Klux Klan (died in 1877)
July 13th, 1798 (July 13 1798)BirthAlexandra Feodorovna (Charlotte of Prussia), Tsarina of Russia (died in 1860)
July 13th, 1793 (July 13 1793)BirthJohn Clare, English poet (died in 1864)
July 13th, 1776 (July 13 1776)BirthCaroline of Baden, queen of Bavaria (died in 1841)
July 13th, 1770 (July 13 1770)BirthAlexander Balashov, Russian general (died in 1837)
July 13th, 1745 (July 13 1745)BirthRobert Calder, British naval officer (died in 1818)
July 13th, 1608 (July 13 1608)BirthFerdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor (died in 1657)
July 13th, 1607 (July 13 1607)BirthVaclav Hollar, Bohemian-born artist (died in 1677)
July 13th, 1590 (July 13 1590)BirthPope Clement X (died in 1676)
July 13th, 1579 (July 13 1579)BirthArthur Dee, English physician (died in 1651)
July 13th, 1527 (July 13 1527)BirthJohn Dee, English scientist (died in 1609)
July 13th, 0100 (July 13 0100)BirthJulius Caesar, Roman military and political leader (died in 44 BC) (born either July 12 or July 13)Julius Caesar Quotes

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